Lord Buckethead is performing at Bongos tonight


After a dramatic General Election result, there’s only one person the people of the UK are talking about today. No, not Jezza Corbyn, not Theresa May, not even Paul Nuttall’s embarrassing defeat.

They’re talking, solely, about Lord Buckethead.

And now, to the delight of Edinburgh fans, the political enigma, who ran against Theresa May yesterday, is performing at Bongos tonight.

Entitled ‘Fight the Power #1’ the event is set to see Lord Buckethead play, as well as DJ Youth Vote and DJ Doscum.

According to the Facebook event, which is hosted by Substance, entry opens at 11pm and finishes at 3am, and is only a fiver in.

Substance told The Tab: “Think of it as commentary or a tribute, the lineup is three well established artists from Edinburgh and Glasgow playing under aliases, who – like us – have something to say about the current clusterfuck of a situation we now collectively find ourselves in.”

Lord Buckethead, a self-described “intergalactic space lord” whose real name is unknown, won 249 votes in the election while standing against the Prime Minister in Berkshire.

Check out his Party Political Broadcast below.

Buckethead’s twitter is also a sight to see, as he documents his time running to be an independent Member of Parliament for Maidenhead.

He states in his bio that he “enjoys planet-conquering, dominating inferior species, and Lovejoy.” Don’t we all.