Edinburgh has it’s own VK Appreciation Society and it’s even better than you’d expect

It has over 600 members

The consumption of VKs on a messy night out listening to cheesy music is as much a part of a student’s life as missed tutorials and awful diets. This year, three Edinburgh first years decided that their love for VKs was so great that they felt compelled to form a group where people could express their mutual love for everyone’s favourite drink that contains more sugar than alcohol. James Crawford, JJ Griffiths and Adam Crompton started the VK Appreciation Society Facebook page which since it’s formation has amassed an impressive 655 members. We spoke to the founders about how they started the society and what they do.

The founders in action

How did it all begin?

It started around Christmas time when exams were going on. We were talking about the Echo Falls Soc and had just been to Cav where we had a night of endless VKs. We then wondered if there was any sort of society or appreciation page dedicated to the wonderful drink of the VK and were amazed to find that there wasn’t one already in place in Edinburgh, so the VK Appreciation Society was born. We then made a Facebook group and started to add as many people as possible –  we got around 200 in a day or something crazy like that.

What does the society do?

The primary foundation of the group is the Facebook page and this is where most of the content is delivered, encouraging people on nights out to post pics with their favourite choice of drink, the VK. We also ran a competition where the person with the best pic won a free crate of VKs. This is something we want to do more of next year when uni starts again in September.

Do you have socials?

We had I think four socials this year, encouraging everyone on the group to come down to Creme Soda or Juju where we had a guest list, a table and free VKs for all those who came. The more that came the more free VKs everyone got, and who doesn’t like free VKs?


What have you got planned for next year?

 I think the competitions is something we would like to big up and do more of. We’re planning to do one where you enter your quickest strawpedo video and the winner gets some VK merch or a crate. We have also been in contact with VK who seemed supportive of the page and we’re hoping to get them to fund a VK pre’s for Freshers’ week. We are going to really kickstart the society next year and attempt to grow the appreciation page even more over the summer.

We also have an Instagram where the content is more to do with us as the founders which explains our love of the drink. It follows us and those around us who we see on a night out in Edinburgh drinking VKs.