Edinburgh Uni ranked in the Top 30 best universities in the country

We’re down eight places from last year though

Edinburgh University has been ranked in the Top 30 best universities in the country in the Guardian’s 2018 University Guide.

We all know our student satisfaction isn’t what it should be, but well below Heriot-Watt, Dundee, Glasgow and St. Andrews, sitting at a measly 30th we’ve really been shunned in these rankings. Can we all take a moments silence to mourn Edinburgh University’s reputation?

The top two – Cambridge and Oxford – are predictable, obviously, but Scotland starts off with St. Andrews in third place, a whole 27 places in front of Edinburgh. According the the Guardian, we are the fifth best uni in Scotland- depressing much.

Using ratings such as ‘Likelihood to be employed after six months’, ‘satisfaction with teaching’, and ‘student to staff ratio’, Cambridge achieved a ‘perfect 100’ in the Guardian’s scoreboard, while we achieved 67.5.

Sadly Edinburgh fair well in some subject areas. We ranked third in Scotland for Medicine, although we were again beaten by Dundee. Forget Glasgow Uni, I think we have a new rivalry on our hands.

For Philosophy, St. Andrews took number one in the whole of the UK, and although Edinburgh still comes in at second in Scotland we’re still miles behind everyone else at eighteenth.

The worst subject however is Economics. For all you who revel in the study of PPE, live in fear. Edinburgh uni is ranked 50th in the UK. If you want to study economics then the Guardian suggest anywhere other than Edinburgh, ranking us as the worst university in Scotland to study the subject.

Although it’s concerning that Edinburgh Uni seem to rank as distinctly below average compared to the rest of Scotland, I would take these rankings with a pinch of salt and don’t go transferring to Dundee just yet. These rankings are a holistic view of a wide range of areas and we still rank in the top five in the UK for employability levels six months after leaving uni.

We also have Big Cheese, so who’s the real winner?