Man taken to hospital by helicopter from Arthur’s Seat last night

The helicopter mystery finally explained

If you live anywhere between Pollock and Marchmont you would’ve heard or seen the police helicopter flying low in the area last night. It had its search beams on as it spent nearly two hours hovering around the southern side of the hill before being joined by other emergency services.

The Scottish Ambulance Service told Edinburgh Evening News: “We received a call at 6pm on Monday, May 1 to attend an incident on Arthur’s Seat. We dispatched four special operations response team units to the scene.

“The coastguard and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service supported us with the retrieval due to the location of the incident.

“One male patient in his twenties was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary by coastguard helicopter.”

There was a tonne of speculation on Twitter as to what could be the reason for the sighting, some people even suggested that the Avengers were filming on the peak. Despite the buzz on twitter, there was no news coverage to explain the disturbance until this afternoon. However some eye witnesses have explained what they saw on the social media site.

Some had even gone so far to detail the route which the helicopter took leading to further speculation that someone did in fact fall from the top of the seat.

Apparently the aircraft travelled the route to the  Royal Infirmary. This has been since deleted.

However, when asked last night about the purpose of the helicopter, Police Scotland told the Tab: “Currently there is a police helicopter circling, but I can’t give out any information at the time due to personal protection.”

When asked again this morning, they told the Tab that it was possibly a part of a training operation. Police Scotland said: “It could be training, it could be a special operation, it could be anything. We can’t disclose police operations to members of the public.”

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