Don’t panic but there are going to be dogs in Teviot next month

No need to chase them around the meadows for a cuddle anymore

With exams on the horizon, the much needed Therapets are back to help you forget your worries. They’ll be hanging out in the Teviot dining room on Wednesday the 3rd from 1.30-3.30, and on Tuesday the 9th from 1.30-3.30.

It’s free to go but you have to book a space, with tickets going on sale two days in advance for each at the links below:

Wednesday 3rd May

Tuesday 9th May

The EUSA page advertising the event explains the benefits of spending some time with an animal. It says: “The physiological and psychological benefits of human-animal bonding have long been recognised. Recent research has also demonstrated that the mere act of stroking a dog or cat has exceptional benefits, including slowing heart rate, reducing blood pressure, calming nerves, regulating breathing and elevating mood – perfect for around exam time when stress can overwhelm us!”

If you miss out on a place, extra tickets will be available on the day from 1pm at the dining room too.