I don’t care what you think, I’m still going to vote for Jeremy Corbyn

He’s not perfect and he’s not even Milibae, but he’s got my vote

Whilst the country collectively groaned at the prospect of yet another major vote in less than two months time, the jaws in the Labour Party offices presumably dropped to the floor. In the coming weeks, Corbyn will no doubt be asked on daily basis whether he’s the right man for the job, but that’s been a question he’s been cooly deflecting ever since his first day as Labour leader.

As endearing as his predecessor was, it’s quite impressive that Corbyn is taken even less seriously than former Labour leader Ed Miliband. His stubbornness is legendary – despite the majority of the people who work immediately under him calling for his resignation, he stayed put clearly not giving a toss what his MPs think of him.

Even though he gives off the vibe of a slightly weird uncle who only appears sporadically at family events, you can’t seriously cast your vote on the basis of what the leader of the party would be like to talk to over a pint. Admittedly, he’s had his fair share of gaffes, like sitting on the floor of a train to make a point of overcrowding even though there were spare seats was a particular low point, but again, that’d be a ridiculous reason not to vote for him.

We’re obsessed with the personality of our political leaders to the detriment of actually talking about the issues they’re advocating. If you listened to Theresa May’s speech this morning, you’d think the only issue facing the next government was Brexit. Even if it was, it’s not unreasonable to suggest voting against the party that dragged us into this mess in the first place.

Surely we need to think about problems such as the state of our NHS, climate change, rising inequality and homelessness before we decide who we vote for. If there’s one profession I trust more than any other it would be doctors. In May’s brief time as Prime Minister, they’ve overwhelmingly come out in opposition against her and in support of Corbyn over the NHS. If you don’t trust politicians, at least trust the doctors on the NHS.

We shouldn’t forget that it was less than two years ago that the country was going crazy for Corbynmania. His fresh, policy-based, insult-free left wing politics enthused a new generation of political activists for a reason. He’s on the right side of history on issues such as Apartheid in South Africa, LGBT rights and the Iraq war despite being lambasted for his views at the time.

This is a leader who sticks to his principles and fights for what he believes is important, unlike Theresa May, who purposefully didn’t really align herself with either side in the run up to Brexit for her own gain. I know what kind of leader I’d rather have.

Even if you choose to vote for someone else, do so with their actual policies in mind and don’t bow down to the borderline bullying of him by some newspapers and people on social media. Whilst Corbyn isn’t perfect and has his obvious flaws, I’ll be voting for him and the Labour Party. They’re the people who share my ideals and who’ll look after the interests of everyone best once everyone finally shuts up about Brexit. Who knows, he might even give us a few tips on how to best run our allotments at the same time.