Literally just a list of the worst comments the Tab Edinburgh has received this year

U ok hun?

Whether it’s just having a go at someone’s fashion sense, or raging about how a particular article makes them want to ‘grab their testicles and twirl them round and round about 15,000 times,’ there’s always someone out there who’s prepared to take time out of their life to read, and comment, on articles written voluntarily by young students.

So, we’ve gathered some of our favourites together to show our appreciation. Please, keep them coming.

Let’s start off with this one from Lauren*, who had some fashion advice for our writer:

*Definitely not called Lauren

Paul wasn’t content at just complaining about the Tab, but got the whole city of Edinburgh involved:

But what will Scott* do when he has no more Tab articles to take his anger out on?

John was really not happy with our writer Alfred:

One fan of the Shining told our writer Karla, from New Jersey, to go back to the Home Counties:

At least Mark was straight to the point:

Jamie, taking the time to comment on a Tab article, wants to know who cares about said Tab article:

There’s also this one from Jamie D Stewart. Can someone send this to his mother? or idk, the police?:

Idiot* had some logical advice for women being referred to as ‘crazy’:

Classic nice guy, Dom, explained to our writer where she was going wrong in her love life:

Jasper seems to think our editor is as dodgie as his spelling:

Rob* didn’t appreciate our article on a Chav-themed night:

And then there’s this from Kyle…

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