From a southerner living in Scotland, denying Scotland another referendum would be outrageous


I’m as southern as they get. Picture the Queen eating strawberries and cream on the ‘grarse’ (not grass) by the Cliffs of Dover and we’re still not even close. I’m so southern I get prescribed Fray Bentos’ steak and kidney pies to stop me from auditioning for Made In Chelsea, God help me.

Like many other southerners, the mere thought of Scotland leaving the UK would upset me more than an empty tub of hummus.

The horror …

Having said that, who could blame Scots from wanting a better deal? At the moment the Scots aren’t even at the negotiating table, even though the decisions made there will have a detrimental effect on Scottish lives. Hard Brexit in Scotland alone is predicted to cost the economy more than £11bn a year by 2030, and is predicted to lead to the loss of 80,000 jobs over the next ten years.

Theresa May’s exclusion of Scotland from the Brexit talking table and her unwillingness to alter her ‘hard Brexit’ strategy is just childish. She is essentially Scotland’s abusive partner, simultaneously pleading with them not to leave, whilst beating them up.

Shoutout to the Daily Mail for bringing the debate into the dirt

Now I’m not one of these people that thinks we should hold another referendum, or merely ignore the result of the referendum entirely, that would make the government the most spectacular sore losers, but it is clear even for a southern softie like me, that Scotland deserves the right to determine their own destiny.

Scotland is clearly a separate entity from England and Wales and should be treated as such. If Scotland was independent, they would have voted remain, with a 62% – 38% margin, compared with English and Welsh voters voting to leave by 53% – 47%. Its clear that as a nation, Scotland is being dragged down by us southerners’ poor decisions and so they absolutely need a second independence referendum to have the chance to correct this.

Whilst it pains me to see Scotland go, it’s may well be the right thing to do.

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