All Edi first semester exams moved to after the Christmas holidays from next year


As of the 2017/18 academic year, all Edinburgh first semester exams will be moved to after the Christmas holidays. All exams previously held in December will now take place in the first two weeks of the second semester to give lecturers more time to perform their marking duties whilst at the same time robbing students of their Christmas break.

According to a spokesperson for the university, the change has been implemented to give more free time to academic staff during the Christmas period. The spokesperson told the Tab: “The university has been under intense pressure from course managers to give markers a hassle free festive period. The change is likely to lead to a higher level of marking and will also give students more time to work for their exams.”

Whilst the thinking behind the move is clear, not everyone is behind it. A EUSA spokesperson told the Tab: “Students have not been adequately consulted on this issue. It’s obvious that this disadvantages students who would be unable to access resources during the holiday period. With already extremely long first semesters, the change means that there will be no respite for students at all.”

Well, at least we get to go home a week earlier.

(Check the date, happy April Fools)

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