An ode to our Mothers on Mother’s Day

Let us praise them for the true heroines they are

Mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, whoever you hold as the closest female figure in your life. Today is the day for them to take a break, put their feet up and have their every whim catered to.

Whether you live at home or have moved away the need for motherly attention is always there. The blind faith in you as a person, the tips on how to cook chicken without giving yourself a plethora of illnesses, and the occasional care packages or visits to keep you sane.

It’s time to continuously highlight the many things they do to save us poor students from the stresses of university, hangovers and ultimately our own bad decisions.

At top of the list of things we should be thankful for is the never ending supply of food and their ability to somehow rustle up a Michelin star worthy meal out of tinned tomatoes and a pomegranate. The words ”what do you want for dinner” still send shivers up my spine and make my taste buds do a joyous routine.

After months of pasta ‘n’ sauce and pizza, going home to a hearty and wholesome cooked meal is the greatest feeling in the world. Enough of a feeling to convince yourself that three more months of pizza washed down with Echo Falls has been cancelled out because your mother still makes you eat a Brussels sprout at Christmas dinner. And don’t forget that it’s all free.

Those sprouts are one thing Mothers should not be praised for….

High on the list but not quite as good as food are the little fairies that only mothers can employ who magically collect, clean, iron and fold all of your clothes. It’s a marvel and a mystery yet to be deciphered by any nations scientists yet it is a very real one, and a very beneficial one. Gone are the days of wearing creased shirts and slightly dirty jeans everyday, everything is so pristine and oh my god my whites have never looked so white!

We should acknowledge that Mothers generally have all of the skills needed to survive as a student while we shamble along hoping we find some pasta, a clean shirt, and if we’re lucky our dignity and self-respect which was lost at some point during freshers week. They magically find lost keys, wallets, money, phones and always have the energy to save us from our general inability to function as humans without assistance.

We built this city on pro-sec-co (and ice cream)

They are the free taxis on rainy days, the providers of comfort and warmth (who knew central heating could be turned on more than once a year), the banks with the best loan policies when we’ve spent all our money on shots and chips, and most of all the one person who will always believe that, despite us barely scraping through each semester of university, that yes of course we will still be brilliant no matter what we do (mine thinks I’ll be Prime Minister one day).

So on this most auspicious of days, where we celebrate the maternal figures in our lives, lets try to remember that while we give them one day a year of rest and relaxation, they provide us with so much 364 days of the year.

So while Mother’s Day is great and all, we should all try to treat them like the true saviours they are, all year round, come rain or shine, and maybe visit a bit more often, and occasionally make dinner, or maybe just do the dishes afterwards…