Singles of the Week

The month of lurrrv may be over but Edi’s singles are out in full force

Valentine’s day has been and gone but there is still ample opportunity to find your bae before summer rocks up. We’ve brought together some of Edi’s most eligible single pringles and they’re ready to swipe right.

Yivani ‘Zuma’ Ndizana, 1st Year, Economics with Finance

What’s your Middle Name? I can’t tell you that.

Favourite Song? Work Song by Hozier right now.

What is your scent of choice? The smell of rain at the beginning of a summer storm in Durban.

Perfect date spot in Edinburgh? You’ll have to find out.

If you were on Dinner Dates, what would you cook? Steak with wine sauce, potato gratin and roasted vegetables.

Drink of choice? Gin and tonic (obviously) with lemon, cucumber and strawberry.

Who is your celebrity crush? Chloë Grace Moretz

What’s one interesting fact about yourself? I love poetry – reading and writing.

Can’t you picture it? A romantic night in with Zuma as the rain beats against the window, the dulcet tones of Hozier echoing in the distance as he recites Keats and pours you a G&T.

Rebecca, 2nd Year, Psychology & Business

What’s your middle name? Rose

Favourite Song? T-Pain – Buy U A Drank

What is your scent of choice? The scent of man.

Perfect date spot in Edinburgh? 10pm in Hive.

If you were on Dinner Dates, what would you cook? You know the sushi scene from Sex and the City…

Drink of choice? G&T

Who is your celebrity crush? Seth Rogan or Rihanna

What is one interesting fact about yourself? In high school, I was in a comedic band called Dildo Ball Pit (aka DBP).

Hit Rebecca up if you want to eat sushi off her naked body before a long night belting out S-Club 7 in Hive.

Elliot, 4th year, Zoology

What is your middle name? Mitchell

Favourite Song? Dancing in the Moonlight – Toploader

What is your scent of choice? Paul Smith Extreme

Perfect date spot in Edinburgh? A trip to the zoo followed by a night in Prow

If you were on Dinner Dates, what would you cook? Tomato and basil bruschetta, steak with caramelised onions and sweet potato chips followed by white chocolate cheesecake.

Washed down with a VK – obvs.

Drink of choice? G&T

Who is your celebrity crush? Emma Watson

What is one interesting fact about yourself? You’ll see me outside the library three times a week selling soup with the Tab’s very own editor Yas Rana.

Not only is Elliot super charitable, he makes beaut soup (I can attest) and is also gonna be able to look after your Maltipoo or token flat goldfish if necessary. Sounds like boyfriend material to me.

Shonagh, 2nd Year, Architectural History 

What is your middle name? I’m just a plain Jane

Favourite song? Many a song but the soundtrack of my life is ‘I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On’ by Half Moon Run

What is your scent of choice? Lady Million by Paco Rabanne. Say no more.

Perfect date spot in Edinburgh? Behind a bush or under a car, not fussy really

If you were on Dinner Dates, what would you cook? Cooking is all about confidence! Pasta with beanz, eggs and lovely, filling lettuce – it’s Moroccan.

Drink of choice? Grey Goose, sometimes with a bit of lemonade

Who is your celebrity crush? Britney Spears

What is one interesting fact about yourself? I’ve been thrown out of Hive basically more times than I’ve not

Shonagh seems to be into the simple life. From her middle name to her choice of drink you get what you see with her. The no fuss, no frills kinda gal is sure to be a great date if you’re into ‘Moroccan’ delicacies and getting escorted out of Hive.

Hugh McGregor, 2nd year mechanical engineering

What’s your middle name? Michael Charles

Favourite song? Fluorescent Adolescent

What is your scent of choice? Ralph Lauren Blue

Perfect date spot in Edinburgh? Ting Thai Caravan (if you can withstand the queue)

If you were on Dinner Dates, what would you cook? Chorizo and prawn pasta and a Terry’s chocolate orange cheesecake for desert

Drink of choice? Echo Falls – Summer Berries

Who is your celebrity crush? Probably Emilia Clarke

What is one interesting fact about yourself? I am a founding father of one of Edinburgh’s finest drinking societies

Hugh seems quite the batchelor, he has two middle names AND all you can drink wine for less than a fiver. Though, he must be a pretty special guy if he thinks a girl is willing to queue for Ting Thai for a date with him.

Natasha Elyssa Smellie, 2nd year, Physical Geography and Geology

What’s your middle name? Elyssia

Favourite song? Not That Deep by Stormzy

What is your scent of choice? Obviously myself, I’m a SMELLIE

Perfect date spot in Edinburgh? Probably the Royal Botanical Gardens

If you were on Dinner Dates, what would you cook? Venison Wellington (YUM)

Drink of choice? Sloe Gin (definitely not Echo Falls)

Who is your celebrity crush? Boris Johnson

What is one interesting fact about yourself? I play polo so I’m a bit of a horse whisperer.

Natasha’s perfect guy would be up for a chill spring afternoon in the Botanics, dozing in the Chinese garden sipping gin and talking everything from polo to pros and cons of Boris Bikes. The fact she will eat Venison says she isn’t a gal afraid of controversy and is up for anything – just don’t order her a glass of Echo Falls.

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