Here’s what Edi students have to say about a second Indy ref

Choose life. Choose Nicky. Choose Indy Ref 2.

In a controversial, and to some a largely unsurprising, statement made this morning, Nicola Sturgeon announced that Scotland would be holding another Independence referendum, aiming to have the vote in Autumn 2018.

This might seem quite far ahead to some, but that certainly doesn’t stop people from speculating what might happen, and how it would affect relations with both the UK and Europe post-Brexit. Here’s what some of you had to say:

Cat Marney, English Lit, 2nd Year

Last time I voted against independence but I totally see why you would have another because everything has changed and it seems more like a European country than a British one. I’m still completely undecided and I would have to think more about it. I like Nicola Sturgeon though, she can be my illustrious leader anyday.

Will Langston, Linguistics, 2nd Year

I don’t think it really represents what democracy is considering the UK voted for Brexit, but Scotland just want to be happy so if means another Indy Ref then sure. If that’s democracy though can we then have another US Presidential election?

Hattie Cooper-Hockey, English Lit, 2nd Year

I agree it’s a good idea given that Scottish people were told to vote no to the last one as they would have had to leave the EU, but now Britain has chosen to leave anyway. As an English person I didn’t support it last time but I think I would now as I don’t want to leave the EU at the end of the day.

Elina Takala, Psychology and Business, 2nd Year

I think there should be one because of the way the votes were spread. Scotland voted largely to stay in Europe and then they can decide whether to follow Britain or got their own way. In my opinion as a Finnish person, people’s didn’t know what they voted for so I think there should I think there should have been another vote about whether to leave the EU, but this is a good plan B.

Calum Brown, English Lit, 2nd Year

I was very disappointed with the first election. I believe the way the UK is going at the moment it’s not something I wanna be part of anymore and I feel my view represents that of a lot of Scots’ at the moment.

Andrew Hay, Accounting and Finance, 1st Year

I voted no to independence last time but I’m a lot more inclined to vote yes this time because of the EU situation. Particularly at Edinburgh Uni there’s a lot of uproar about leaving the EU so it will definitely be an interesting one.

In a later announcement, the British government have decided to halt triggering Brexit, likely because of the uncertainties the prospect of Scottish independence has caused.

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