Best Dressed: The Main Library

Fashion week might be over but Edi students are out in full force in the George Sq Libs

Fashion week is well and truly over, and like the Balenciaga models we too have been forced to congregate in a dimly lit, overpacked and un-airconditioned structure- aka the Library. While most of us shlep across the Meadows in our finest Stan Smiths and yoga pants, there is something to be admired about those who go the extra mile.

Hannah, 1st Year, Music

Bang on trend with embroidered mom jeans and a quintessential Edi puffa (Topshop) finished with a beaut tartan scarf to show off her patriotism.

Katie, 3rd Year, Archaeology

There’s something to be said for a gal who knits these days. Her beaut Andean inspire jumper is perfect for an Archeologist’s days in the South American rainforest.

Calum Brown, 2nd Year, English Literature

It takes a special kind of guy to coordinate their surname with the colour of their jacket. Calum never hits the library without his Mormon-repelling headphones.

Tilly, 3rd Year, Geography

Tilly hit the nail on the head with these gorgeous floral jeans from ASOS’s tall section. We just wish we were lucky enough to have legs long enough to take up an entire frame so we could shop that department.

Aiden Jens Sutherland, 2nd Year, English Literature & English Language

He claims: “once the jacket goes on it’s like Chance the Rapper- except there’s no luck involved, just skill.”

Caitlin, 3rd Year, Psychology

Caitlin is a game changer. One denim trend is simply not enough, the combination of embroidered AND ripped jeans is perfect for a library sesh by day, and sister’s engagement by night.

Ali, 3rd Year, Chemical Engineering

Ali is the perfect example of ‘sports- luxe’ with the combination of shirt, tailor trousers and show stopping Air Maxes. Handy safety gear for midnight strolls across the Meadows too and from the library -cyclists will be able to spot him a mile off.

Francesca, 2nd Year Business Management

Proving that pink shouldn’t be reserved for a Wednesday, Francesca is living proof that you don’t just have to shop at Armstrong’s to wear dungarees well.