Clubbers of the Week

Back after a ILW to work hard (just kidding you all went clubbing)

Stunner of the Week

Mum I really love uni

Runners up

The club is the best place for a photo shoot

Creeper of the Week

I watch you when you sleep

Runners up

You never know what lurks in the back ground… oh yeah, a zebra

Wanker of the Week

Cute man bun

Runners Up

I love a man who vapes

Hero of the week

Runner up

When you’re mates don’t realise you’ve stolen their drink

Heroine of the week

I’m a boss ass bitch

WTF’s of the week

Creation of Adam- reinvented

Shit shirt day is the best day

No paparazzi please

Fun and innovative way to wear a paper hat

It’s all going to be ok, I will keep you safe

Mutant of the WeekRunners up

Did you go to all your lectures this week. Next joke

Album Covers of the Week

Straight from the Trump golf course

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week

Really regretting buying her the drink

Runners Up

Put your lighters in the air

When you realise you have a 9am

I promise I love creme soda

The Best of the Rest


Whos a good boy?

Annual bring mum to the club day

Just happy to be alive

Photography Credits:

Creme Soda Wednesdays, Rascals Thursdays – David Wilkinson // EMPIRICAL

Love Wednesdays – Neil Stewart

JuJu Club – James Gourlay

Hector’s House, Broke, Zian – Ben Glasgow