Edinburgh’s Messiest Room: The Final

If only their mother’s could see them now

It’s Innovative Learning Week so you finally have the opportunity to pick up that floordrobe that you have carefully curated and take it home to mum to get washed.

Remember, the winner gets their whole flat professionally cleaned for free by Helping Hand.

It’s time to vote for the worst one of them all:


This is Logan’s room, he hasn’t put sheets on the bed since he moved in back in September, and we are pretty sure the smell of chicken will never ever leave that room.”


“I had to take multiple photos in order to capture the full aesthetic..” and it is a good look Liam. 

Rufus’ entire flat

Wow. That’s the definition of a mess. One of his flatmates refused to do his washing for months. This is truly disgusting.


“We haven’t seen the floor since she moved in. She’s a mess, inside and out.”

Vote for the worst: