Why you should consider a long distance relationship at uni

The cost of train tickets is really worth cutting back on nachos

Having a long distance relationship at uni is honestly the best. While its true, you have to spend a shit tonne of money on train tickets and you might have to wait four weeks to have a spoon, but let me tell you; its worth it (and if you pick up a railcard you can save a third off).

Friends who are fortunate enough to find love at uni are pretty lucky, I mean they get unlimited Netflix and chill. But what happens when you start to see too much of each other? With three hours of uni a day and no job you’re pretty much living on top of each other. You don’t have your own life.

But with long distance  you get to be your own person at uni, join the societies you want to join and go out when you want, without your other half already knowing everything that you’ve been up to, cos y’know, he was with you.

“Just one episode” he said

Going long distance also means that when you do see each other it is always that much more special. There is something unique about the Christmas-morning-level of excitement that comes with seeing your other half.

There’s a sense of pride within you knowing that you have found someone who will be content binge-watching TV with you. If you really love them, you won’t protest to them whipping out the complete series of Star Wars back-to-back, even if it was just cos you lost a bet.

You will never appreciate skype or Facetime enough. It sucks that you don’t get to spend Christmas together, but coming home just before midnight on Christmas eve and facetiming bae is one of the best ways to get you in the xmassy spirit.

You won’t spend the rest of the day neglecting your pigs in blankets and wishing you were with your other half. Facetime dates of synchronised Netflix and chill can also be great – you actually get to finish an episode without getting too caught up in the “chilling”.

Presents are  a no-brainer. All the overpriced materialistic stuff doesn’t matter when all you want is to be with your person. A set of train, plane, or National Express (if your stingy) tickets to see each other is a guaranteed winner. So, if you’re stuck on that perfect Valentines day gift you’re welcome.

an impressive 18 month collection

Communication is essential in every relationship, no matter if it is romantic, platonic or professional. Long distance helps you coin your communication skills to perfection. For twenty-five days of the month your relationship is your cyber communication, whether it be iMessage, Skype or just a call (if people still do that).

Being considerate and dropping your other half a message to say you’re “in a lecture and can’t talk” can save all the over-thinking psycho-interpretation that comes with your bf/gf not replying for a couple of hours.

when the bf thinks he knows better

Don’t worry, you won’t get too caught up in your cyber dates that by the time you see each other you’ve forgotten how to have any successful human contact – even more than students already do.

The trips to see each other are a great opportunity for you to get out and show your partner what you love about your city and create great memories. Not many people can say they had their first domestic while scaling the side of Arthur’s Seat can they?

Edi Zoo is also the best date spot

And so, you might still have your doubts. You wonder if the £35 train tickets every other month are worth giving up 17 portions of teviot nachos, but long distance makes you reevaluate the way you look at relationships.

You can be confident that you are with your bf/gf because you want to be with them, not just because you are lonely and want to have someone.