We talked to the girls behind Edimeme

xoxo Edimeme

It’s been nearly five years since we millennials had to mourn the loss of TVs greatest internet phenomenon/cyber stalker; Gossip Girl.

We all secretly wanted to be part of that world, anonymously sending in hints and tips about the Blair Waldorfs of society, and now you can (ish). I present to you: Edimeme.

Unless you have been living under a rock or in Beaverbank your entire student life, you will have definitely heard of the Facebook page Edimeme. The page is a treasure trove of everything Edi and with nearly 9000 likes, in other words, a quarter of the undergraduate population.

Most of us can only dream of having such a vast social media following, so if you dream of being the BNOC or your 700 insta followers isn’t cutting it anymore; read on.

What made you start Edimeme?
Edimeme is a pure, unadulterated product of second year procrastination. We founded it on Tuesday 6th December 2016 on the second floor of the main library, and haven’t looked back since.

this bird has better chat than us

How difficult is it running such a large social platform anonymously?
The pressures of fame can be trying at times, but to be honest we’ve learnt to handle it.

Have you ever revealed your identity to anyone?
It’s public knowledge to everyone who’s anyone – although our housemates did used to tag us in memes without knowing it was us which was jokes. I once tried to use it to get with someone in Hive which was unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, unsuccessful.

What is your favourite meme from the page?
We’re indebted to the seagull which got 9.9k comments (17.4K actually) but personal faves include:


coming out of every lecture with notes the size of Paradise Lost ain’t the one

What is a meme you haven’t submitted but wish you could?
We submit ones we like, which is most unless they’re offensive, crude or lame.

Do you get some really bad memes submitted?
Yes all the time. Some people submit ones with pictures of themselves. Someone sent a tinder recommendation to us so thank you Elias for that, but no thank you. But loads which are submitted are really witty so are posted. We must have a shout out to some of those memechelangelos – you know who you are.

“submitted by Freddie and I would’ve literally ROFLed at it but I was on a ski lift ” lol

What does it take to create a good meme about Edi?
Ones which are simple. It’s jokes when it’s really related to Edi and not just another “this is what I look like when I’m hungover” ones. I’m not really an expert – some I think are so so jokes but don’t get many likes and that makes me sad.

Trump/Obama/Big Cheese crowds

Where do you see Edimeme in 1 year from now?
Blocking up eduroam with traffic (like could it get any slower?).

Is there a theme of meme that does particularly better than others?
It’s pretty random, but some do well because people outside of Edinburgh can relate. For example, it seems our friends at Briz/Exeter also stand outside the library in Canada Goose smoking cigs and enjoy laughing at themselves doing it.

Exeter got nothing on our ‘Goose game

So, it seems the steps to internet fame are simple: meme, meme, and meme.