This is what my friend at Durham thought of a weekend in Edinburgh

From sightseeing to the sesh

It all started when my naïve friend told me of her desire to have a break. Little did she know that she would be coming to Edinburgh for the exact opposite of that.

Rolling up to Pollock in the signature Central taxi, I was greeted with a large, loveable hug and a gross amount of sentimentality in front of the security guard who looked on at this girlish teenage display of affection with what could only be described as disgust. 

Compared to the castles of Durham, her first impression of Pollock was that it was incredibly modern, comparing it to a swanky hotel. Well I say Pollock, but I really mean Chancellors’ – I don’t think she’d get that impression if she went to Grantanamo Bay. She was also quite upset that the lift was broken as it meant she couldn’t get the classic white-girl Facebook photo. Chancellors’ RAs, get on it please.


Been in my room for 5 mins and already eating my cereal.

The bottle of Smirnoff on my desk instantly surprised her. ‘We drink Tescos vodka in Durham.’ What can I say? Edinburgh is simply classier. Who’d have thought?

Pres for Why Not

Two Mika, three Taylor Swift and many High School Musical songs later, we were on the floor.

Now we're lying on the cold hard ground.

Now we’re lying on the cold hard ground.

Why Not

I’m not really sure why we decided to go to Why Not on a Friday either.

We were mere freshers and the club was full of 20-somethings with facial hair which, I can imagine, was quite a change from Klute – the notoriously bad club in Durham that’s supposed to be one of the worst in Europe. She found the air conditioning a novelty as Durham clubs weren’t equipped with the bliss of air conditioning and instantly longed for her jacket that she had dropped off in the pricey coat room. She did note that lack of air conditioning did not equate a lack of hot sweaty bodies on the dance floor so she wasn’t really missing out.  



We had gone out the night before in our separate unis so decided to grab an Uber just after 1am which proved a pleasant surprise for her. She had long forgotten what the experience was like. Haris, the Uber driver, kindly waited for us as we ordered a Dominos large pepperoni pizza. She stated that Dominos was a great improvement from Durham’s infamous Paddy’s Pizza but Edinburgh still has a long way to go to control her Urban Oven obsession.

'The club closing at 3am is a very rogue concept for a Durham girl.'

‘The club closing at 3am is a very rogue concept for a Durham girl.’

NB: I asked for her opinion on the club music the next day and she said she couldn’t remember.


“I like the endless possibilities of the food, because in Durham you can only get like, one thing.”

Disclaimer: she didn't actually eat all of this.

Disclaimer: she didn’t actually eat all of this.

Big Cheese

Obviously, no trip to Edinburgh would be complete without the glory that is the Big Cheese. After I explained the principle of Cheese (VKs, VKs and VKs), she said, ‘Oh. So Klute?’ Guess so.

As we stumbled into George Square after god knows how many double vodka-cokes, her first reaction was, ‘It’s very South Bank, isn’t it?’

‘I like the smoothing texture but I don’t like how it ruins the Teviot aesthetic.’

She then drunkenly wowed excessively at the colourful Teviot and made the obvious Harry Potter comparison. She explained that the Durham student union was the ‘ugliest building ever’ to the point that it should be a ‘meme’. She clearly hadn’t got a good look of the old Appleton Tower or the DHT.

The night was too good to put into words so here are some pictures instead.

No explanation needed.

No explanation needed.

Nursing, rather than downing, a VK was also a new but refreshing experience for her.

Arthur’s Seat

On the last day, we dragged our Cheese-d out legs out of the safety of Pollock and up Arthurs Seat. Apart from the Chicken Club, she said that it was Edinburgh’s greatest attraction and even stated that it had better views than the Durham Cathedral despite the walking.

Everything the light touches is our kingdom.

Everything the light touches is our kingdom.

I hugged her goodbye five times and cried a little after she left. We’ve already planned her next trip back.

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with this beautiful city.


Let’s double the amount of VKs we go for next time.