Measles outbreak in Edinburgh University

A special clinic is being set up on campus to give people the MMR vaccine

The Deputy Director of Edinburgh university’s health and safety department, Karen Darling, sent a email to students yesterday warning about a potential measles outbreak.

So far there have been eight confirmed cases in Edinburgh in the last two weeks, most being within Edinburgh University and one at James Gillespie’s high school.

According to the email: “There have been a small number of cases of measles reported around the University campuses.”

“Measles is a highly infectious illness that can be very unpleasant. It will usually pass in 7-10 days without causing any further problems but it can sometimes lead to complications.”

“If you think you may have measles, you should contact your GP or NHS 24 by phone as soon as possible.”

Darling then went on to reassure students: “The University is working closely with Public Health Scotland within NHS Lothian to minimise any further spread.”

“We are taking appropriate action including facilitating additional vaccination clinics on campus for those who need them.”

“Public Health Scotland have identified particular groups of staff and students that they wish to prioritise for these vaccinations and we will be contacting them separately.”

“Students and staff who have been fully vaccinated (had two doses of the MMR vaccine) or who have had measles before are reminded that they are not at risk.”

Prof Alison McCallum, NHS Lothian’s director of public health and health policy, said: “It is crucial that people have two doses of the MMR vaccine.”

“We would encourage young people who have missed out on MMR previously to get themselves immunised.”

Symptoms of measles include a runny nose, sore eyes, a cough and a fever.