Scottish men voted second most romantic in the UK

Are ye, aye?


Scottish men are the SECOND most romantic in the UK, according to the results of a recent national poll. 

According to the poll, when respondents were asked “how romantic is your partner?” 59 per cent of Scottish women voted that they were ‘very romantic’, coming a close second behind winner Yorkshire and Humberside’s 64 per cent.

Scotland was followed by the West and East Midlands at 45 and 41 per cent respectively, with the North East also making the top five at 39 per cent.

Wales was found to have the least romantic men in the UK, with 34 per cent of women voting that their partners were ‘not romantic at all’, followed by London at 32 per cent.

Overall, when asked “who is the most romantic in your relationship, between yourself and your partner?”, more than half of the women polled, 54 per cent, stated that their partner was more romantic than them.

2,630 British women took part in the survey, all of whom were aged 18 or over and had been in a relationship for a minimum of 12 months.

The makers of the poll said: “Men in Wales and London could clearly take some lessons from those in Yorkshire & Humberside and the Scottish. There are some lucky ladies living up there!”