Pest control has been called to Hugh Robinson building

Following multiple mouse sightings last week


University security have called in a pest control company to deal with the mouse problem in the Hugh Robinson building.

Following our breaking story about a possible mouse infestation in the Hugh Robinson building, the university has decided to take action.

When we spoke to EUSA President Jonny Ross Tatam on Friday he promised to “contact the University as soon as possible to investigate”.

“Students shouldn’t have to worry about mice when studying for exams.”

At the time the University Press Office refused to comment on the issue, saying that it could not be investigated until after the weekend. Today the University Security stated that the situation was “all in hand”.

“Pest control have been alerted and will be responding”.

The issue arose after several Edinburgh students took to social media to complain about mice distracting them from their revision.

It remains to be seen how effective the pest control is against the rumoured hordes of Hugh Robinson mice.