EUSA bring in taxi scheme that gives you a free cab home from a night out

We can finally forgive them for Strawpedo-gate


A new scheme unveiled by EUSA today means that students will no longer be left stranded on nights out.

The scheme means that any Edinburgh student can call for a Central Taxis cab, even if they don’t have any money on them. All you have to do is to give the driver your student card or student number and EUSA will cover the fare of the cab.

It doesn’t mean that we get free cab rides though as EUSA will then get in contact with you to make sure that you pay them back the cab fare. But it does mean there should never be a situation where you’re forced to walk long distances home. If you don’t repay EUSA before a certain period of time, you might not be allowed to use the scheme again.

EUSA President Jonny Ross-Tatam welcomed the scheme by saying: “While obviously we’re hoping that students won’t find themselves in situations where they might be stranded, it’s great to know this scheme is there for anyone who needs it.”

Further details of the scheme can be found here.