Kygo says inspiration for music comes from his days as a student in rainy Edinburgh

There’s hope for us all

DJ Kygo has admitted his time spent at Heriot-Watt Uni and in his rainy student flat in Edinburgh are the inspiration behind his music.

Kygo, originally from the city of Bergen in Norway, studied business and finance at Heriot-Watt before quitting halfway through after the success of his song Firestone, as he was flooded with global offers for live shows.

At 24, he’s the quickest artist ever to reach one billion plays on Spotify, and thanks it all to his time in his Edi student flat where he first created his remix of Ed Sheeran’s I see Fire.

Speaking to the Sun, the DJ said Edinburgh was “the perfect springboard, rather than ending up in major music centres like Los Angeles or London.”

Kygo says: “Edinburgh is where I started. A lot of the remixes I made were done in my room there and it was a good place for me to make music.

“Edinburgh has a similar climate to Bergen — it’s very rainy and grey.

“There were a lot of days I’d sit inside in front of the computer, make music and dream about summer — instead of the rainy reality outside.”