Official: Where’s your favourite place to eat in Edinburgh?

The comprehensive list of everywhere you’ve had a good meal… and Pizza Paradise

Edinburgh sometimes doesn’t get enough credit for it’s food. Unlike other capital cities, the decision to eat out won’t set you back an arm and a leg, while at the same time there’s a greater variety to be explored than Leeds for example, where there’s a Greggs every block.

All the food spots are local businesses. There’s barely any Prets and even fewer McDonalds. While Edinburgh might be lacking in the late night booze food, it makes up for it with its lunch. Everything from falafel to baked potatoes, sandwiches to soups – Edinburgh is King of Lunch.

So we decided to see what was your favourite place to eat in Edinburgh, whether that be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and settle once and for all the age old question of ‘where should we go eat?’:



Home to Edinburgh’s most sought after chips. Che’s boasts a top-class chicken burger and delicious wraps which contain homemade sauces. There’s not many Kebab Shops which can say that.


Clerks is renowned for its famously hit and miss menu. But when it hits… WOW. The Hot Fuzz pulled pork burger is probably the best burger you’ll ever taste for under 7 quid.

Chicken Club

Call me old-fashioned but I like my fried chicken with a chance of salmonella. Despite no end to rumours of unhygienic cooking, ranging from rats in the kitchen to street pigeons in the meat, Chicken Club remains a student-favourite.  Maybe it’s because of the sheer charisma of the guys behind the counter. Maybe it’s because they’re always happy to throw in a couple extra pieces.

Kilimanjaro Cafe

Odds are if you’re eating at Kilimanjaro you’re either a Postgrad or a Pollock. Doesn’t change the fact that the sandwiches are damn tasty.

Red Box

Ah the agony of choice. Red Box is at first glance a simple concept – noodles in a box (which is actually white). However when you step up to the counter and come face to face with 101 different meats, sauces, and vegetables to have with your noodles, you realise you’ve stepped into a whole world of opportunity.

Pizza Paradise

Where else in a Edinburgh can you get a lasagne at 4am surrounded by lonely old men?

Ten to Ten

So cheap, so nice, so cozy. If not a bit sweaty.

Nile Valleys

Probably the most authentic lunch spot in Edinburgh. Wherever you’re from, a Sudanese Falafel joint is not a commonplace occurrence. Which is a shame because the Africa wrap is AMAZING.


“Palmyra once refused to put ketchup on my chips because they said i was ‘too drunk for ketchup'”.


Queues out the door every lunchtime and evening say enough.

Snax Cafe

Snax is all about value. Value is a post-hangover full English paid for with the loose change you found in your shoe.

Mosque Kitchen

The debate over which Mosque Kitchen is best could rage longer than it takes to rebuild McEwen Hall. It’s safe to say though that Mosque Kitchen as a whole has perfected the buffet curry.

On the roll bratwurst stand

A real dark horse in the race to be Edinburgh’s #1 food spot. Not least because it’s on wheels. Who’d have thought a guy selling sausages in George Square would be a worthwhile place to go get lunch?


Home to Edinburgh’s most incomprehensible pizza deal. If you order a pizza it’ll cost you 14. If you order a pizza and a beer that’ll cost you 10 quid. It’s the epitome of a steal.


The Batman, The Italian Job, The Good, The Bad and the Chutney. The Bonningtons sandwiches don’t just have quirky names, they’re also delicious. Another Pollock favourite – despite being situated next to The Grapes.


Spoon is a strange one. Situated up a dingy flight of stairs on Nicolson Street, you’d be forgiven for not expecting much. However Spoons is one for the real foodies. Those who’d rather sea bass and salad than sandwich and soup. For a decently affordable price as well.


It’s a baked potato shop. How can you go wrong with that?

Italian on The Mound

A sandwich so good it’s trademarked. Italian on the Mound may not look like much but that Spicy No.9 is a real game-changer.

Baget Stuffed

Even if it didn’t have an ingenious name Baget Stuffed would still be a superb spot. Get your baget stuffed with anything imaginable.