What would you have for your last meal on Earth?

Delicious or nutritious? You decide.

This might look like the most inconsequential article you’ve read all week, but look a bit closer and you’ll find it provides food for thought.

Imagine the situation: you have one day left to live. You’ve said your farewells, and now you’re sitting down to your Last Supper. If you could have any food you wanted, what would you choose?

Lottie, 2nd Year

“A Wagamama chicken katsu curry”

Polly, 1st Year

“Something homely like lasagne and my granny’s apple crumble”

Harriet, 4th Year

“A classic beef dinner”

Louis, 1st Year

“A nice, hearty English roast”

Liam, 1st Year

“My ma’s pasta carbonara”

Marcos, Post Grad

“Ceviche, because my family’s from Peru”

Phoebe, 1st Year

“Margherita pizza with M&Ms on top, the best sweet and savoury combo”

Adam, 2nd Year

“A caprese salad with roasted chicken breast and potatoes”

Chester, 1st Year

“Cabbage and bacon with gravy”

Phoebe, 1st Year

International woman of mystery

“A tender Waitrose roast chicken, lovingly cooked by Mummy and carved by Daddy and accompanied by warm carrots and other delectable vegetables”.