BREAKING: ‘Dragon’ sighted over skies of Edinburgh

Just in time for the new season of Game of Thrones

Is it a dragon or the hand of God?

Earlier this month amateur photographer Tom Watson posted a picture he’d taken on his Facebook page which looked like a fire breathing dragon hovering over the skies of Edinburgh.

Tom, a junior doctor and Edinburgh Uni alumni, was attempting to photograph the Edinburgh skyline from Calton Hill, when the clouds shifted to form the image.

Credit: Tom Foster

According to the Telegraph, Tom has since been bombarded with suggestions of what the shape could be, including “a phoenix rising from flames, a Klingon shop from Star Trek or even an angry pigeon”.

Tom, who runs the Spectacular Edinburgh Facebook page, then went on to say: “What I see most often is the ‘hand of God’ like quite a lot of other people do. I’m not incredibly religious so not sure about the God bit but can certainly see the hand.

“But then I can also see the dragon’s head and neck. It looks like it is breathing fire.”

He added: “Even the picture itself doesn’t do justice to how impressive the sky really was at that moment. It looked even more incredible in person.

“Moments after I took the picture, the heaven’s opened and I got completely drenched. However this picture was well worth getting soaked for.

“I’m really happy with the picture. As a doctor I don’t get a lot of time to take pictures so it’s great to capture one like this. I love photographing Edinburgh too – I just fell in love with the city when I came eight years ago.”

What do you see?