Streetstyle special: Into the Jungle Ball

Welcome to the jungle we’ve got fun and games…

Into The Jungle Ball is quite possibly the best student event in Edinburgh – if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket that is.

The student run ball celebrated its fourth annual event at The Jam House this year. Edinburgh student, Ni Crawford, has helped raise over £20,000 in the past for her charity, ‘The Street Children’s Centre, Pokhara’ which aims to raise money for the street orphans of Nepal.

The Tab’s Street style team went along to this exclusive event to see what we’ve been missing out on.


where do you even get trousers like that?!




Look – the finger-pointer in his natural habitat


let’s play spot the Grey Goose


“my father owns a jungle you know”


“you can’t sit with us”


top tip: always colour-coordinate your ball-gown with your face paint


“I thought I’d look a lot more intimidating”


“darling there are two perfectly good glasses in front of you”


smiley and sultry


See you all next year for some more Jungle-based fun!