Edinburgh boys release bizarre music video

The song’s pretty catchy as well

Do you ever feel like music videos these days are too tame? Too much sex and product placement? Not enough goldfish and velcro sandals?

Luckily for you, second year band Sploco have released what appears to be the weirdest video for a student-indie-synth-house song this year – keep an eye out for the angle grinder and cutout of Barry Manilow:

The song and video were written, recorded, filmed, and edited all in the space of one day. It features all four members of the band as well as a special guest appearance from a “friend from home”.

Jamie, the lead singer of Sploco, called the video:

“a brash postmodern pastiche of popular culture… A homoerotic journey of self discovery”

“It’s a parody of modern dance music culture and romantic poetry for Valentine’s Day.”

Sploco consists of Jamie, Hamish, Sam, and Gab (all second years). They have been performing for the past year. Recently they have played at The Biscuit Factory and Summerhall and have plenty more gigs lined up in the coming months. Unfortunately ‘Up In The Clouds’ is not part of their setlist.