Overheard in Edinburgh

The walls have ears

Overheard in 50 George Square:

“I don’t judge people on whether they went to private school or not, I judge them on what private school they went to.”

Overheard in H&M, from a customer to a shop assistant:

“I don’t expect this quality from Balmain.”

“That’s because it’s H&M babe.”

“I hear ya babe”

Overheard On FreshAir:

 “Uh uh uh aaaah.”

Overheard in the JMCC shop:

“What? you DON’T like Wasabi peas?!”

Overheard in Hugh Rob bunker:

“I can tell who went to a single sex school just by looking at them.”

Overheard in Parchment:

“A sofa what? what’s a suffragette?”

Overheard in Chancellor’s:

“This weather is so annoying, can’t wear my tartan slippers to supper anymore.”

Overheard in Main Library toilets:

“I was so on the fence, I really didn’t know whether to vote for the Green party or Tories – they should have a ‘Green Tory’ party, you know?”

Overheard in Pippa Middleton’s old flat:

“My lurcher died of a heart attack after eating too much foie gras”

Overheard in George Square:

“I’m quite looking forward to losing my memory when I’m older, that way I can read all the Harry Potter books again and it’ll feel like the first time.”

Don’t we all.