Chancellor’s Court is officially the poshest halls

And in other news, the sky is grey


Despite trying to look homeless, the top-knotted, Fila-wearing, cigarette-rolling residents of Chancellor’s Court can now officially call their halls the poshest in Edinburgh.

In 2013/14, Chancellor’s Court had 242 privately-educated residents to only 87 state-educated students. That’s approximately 2.8 poshos to every state-educated soul.

And in 2012/13, there were 272 privately-educated to 101 state-educated Chancellor’s residents, maintaining a similar ration of 2.7 to 1.

The rest of Pollock failed to achieve quite the same level of poshness at Chancellor’s.

But Holland House still faired pretty well with 157 private schoolers to 79 state schoolers in 2013.

The chosen foodhall of the landed gentry.

Away from Pollock, state schoolers massively overwhelmed privately-educated residents in number.

The most rah of all the non-Pollock halls, however, was McDonald Road, with 2.4 state schoolers to private schools.

Then again, it is one of the closest halls to WhyNot.