Nearly half of Edinburgh girls have been sexually assaulted

Three quarters of you think lad culture is a problem at uni

Almost half of girls at the University of Edinburgh say they have been sexually assaulted, according to a poll by The Tab.

In the survey, 46 per cent of girls polled said they’d been sexually assaulted.

Furthermore, 16 per cent of Edinburgh girls say that they’d been raped.

Old McEwan Hall, before the scaffolding.

Almost half of those who answered who had been raped say the incident happened whilst studying at university and 80 per cent say that they knew their attacker before the incident.

37% of respondents say they have been sexually assaulted, with half of the incidents taking place at university and more than half of the victims knew the attacker.

The poll also gives a strong condemnation of lad culture with 71% claiming that it’s a problem on the Edinburgh campus.

While the figures suggest sexual assault on campus is a concern, the issue of consent classes remains divisive with only 52% being in favour.

Nationally, the same survey revealed a quarter of people said it was OK to make rape jokes, and while the amount of girls who said yes fell to 16 per cent, 57 per cent of boys said it was fine.

Nearly every girl said they’d been groped in a nightclub, 95 per cent, while one in five boys admitted groping someone.

We asked if anyone arrested for a sexual offence should remain anonymous until they are convicted and 84 per cent said yes.

Nearly everyone said you shouldn’t be expected to sleep with someone if you go back with them after a night out. And 95 per cent said someone is never ‘asking for it’ because of the way they are dressed.

Only 12 per cent said if someone’s nude photos were leaked that it was their fault for taking them in the first place.