What happened to Edinburgh whip?

Who’d have thought a 24-hour whipped cream business wasn’t stable

They entered the Edinburgh scene with a bang only to exit with the soggy sigh of air leaving a wet  balloon.

It’s official everyone – the Lehman Brothers of the door to door whipped cream business are dead.

The self-styled “Edinburgh’s original and friendliest” whipped cream delivery service are no longer taking your pesky 5am orders.

Phone calls to the number advertised on the Facebook page are met with voicemail and even direct Facebook messages are met with no response.

The departure from the Edinburgh culinary scene was heralded with little more than a sole message posted in early April. The post states that service would be “put on hold” during the exam period. However it also assures loyal whippers that Edinburgh Whip would return “full time” in September.

So the question remains: where have they gone?

It was thought, at first, that perhaps the pressure of the government’s new legal high ban had been too much for these Mr Whippies. Since the beginning of September the sale of any and all legal highs is now a criminal act, punishable with seven year sentences. However despite Theresea May’s “blanket ban”, Toon Whip is still very much in full swing down south.

In fact Toon Whip seems to be something of a local phenomenon. A quick visit to the Facebook page reveals that along with constant updates (and also a strange connection with The Great British Bake Off) Toon Whip is bombarded with glowing positive reviews.

Such levels of love and affection were never quite reached at Edinburgh Whip whose grandest moment was providing free entry and a table to Sugar Club.

Not exactly the lottery is it

So while some of you may mourn the loss of your beloved Edinburgh Whip, take solace in the fact that:

A) Amazon is still an option

B) You don’t live in Newcastle