Police Scotland have launched the cringiest safety campaign ever

It’s really wet

Police Scotland are getting down with the kids by asking Napier freshers to take selfies and upload them to Instagram as part of a weird new safety drive.

Edinburgh University has been left out of the campaign which focuses on Napier, and shows what Edinburgh’s grownups really think of us.

The promo material features bright colours, handy diagrams and useful tips for how to survive freshers without being raped, stabbed or stolen from.

Omg students r messy amirite?

Omg students r messy amirite?

The pigs also produced a helpful video to show you an average day in the life of a typical student, featuring laptop theft, vomit and post-it note drinking games.


Oooh, look at the pretty colours.

The guide covers everything from a night out to online safety and includes the handy tips like”If you leave a drink unattended then don’t go back to it” and “Don’t give keys to a tradesman.”

Dazzled by the colours.

Just out of shot they’re holding up a proper degree

Chief Inspector Scott Tees said: “Police Scotland wants to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time during your studies”.

“We would like all students to take a few minutes to download our Police Scotland student safety guide.  This is full of useful tips on how to stay safe”

Sophie Goddard, Student President at Napier told The Edinburgh Reporter: “We are pleased to support the Police Scotland student safety initiative”

“Statistically students are more likely to become victims of crime”.

Police Scotland have told Napier freshers to send in pics to their Instagram page, although confusingly their guide tells you not to send pictures to people you don’t know.