Edinburgh is one of the toughest unis to get into

We’ll take that

The Complete Uni guide calculated what the toughest unis to get into are and turns out Edinburgh is quite picky — we’re the 9th hardest in the UK.

We have an average entry requirement of 482 UCAS tariff points, meaning you need about 4As to get in.

Obviously Cambridge and Oxford came 1st and 2nd as the hardest unis to get into but they do have an admissions test, an interview and perfect A Level requirement to get in.


You don’t even go here

St Andrews are 6th, requiring an average of 516 UCAS points (about 3A*s and a B), but they’re just nerds.

We’re also ahead of Warwick (10th) and just behind Bristol (8th).

Napier, Heriot-Watt and Queen Margaret don’t even rank in the top 10.