Grasping uni chiefs cash in from £400k fines in the last three years

‘The University regards fines as a sanction rather than a way of generating income’

Greedy uni bosses have squeezed us for hundreds of thousands of pounds in fines over the last three years.

Since 2012, the uni has clawed a colossal total of £400,651 from our pockets.

Fines this year are already up to a massive £74,590, made up of 22,507 individual fines.


Responding to a Freedom of Information request, Deputy Records Manager Ann-Marie Noble said: “The University regards fines as a sanction rather than a way of generating income.”

The average fine this year is little more than £3 but the biggest is a whopping £150.

It makes a big difference from last year when the average fine was around £10 as the uni raked in £121,991 from around 11,000 fines. The biggest fine was even larger at a chunky £245.

But these fines are dwarfed by the huge £204,070 that the uni cashed in on in 2012-13, with the average fine a paltry £3.40. That year the biggest fine was £150.

The uni targeted people 61,110 times in 2012, more than the two years after combined.

Ann-Marie added: “The vast majority of fines issued to students relate to overdue library books. These fines are capped at £25.

“The aim of fines is to encourage students to keep books in circulation, in the case of Library fines, or to encourage residents to act responsibly and safely, in the case of accommodation-related fines.

“Students may also receive a fine as a penalty under the Code of Student Conduct for other types of misconduct.”

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