Exeter Fives: Uni hockey odyssey underway

Thank you very much for a lovely game of fives

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Four hockey clubs, five freshers, one train journey.

It’s a tradition for Edinburgh’s and Exeter’s Men’s hockey clubs to swap freshers twice a year for the day.

Today is Edinburgh’s turn – except it’s all gotten a bit out of hand.

This time, it’s not just a one day trip, or one fresher going.

No, FIVE first years are pitching up at Exeter for a night and presumably a party too.

Edinburgh and Glasgow hockey clubs are sending a girl and a guy each, with a Bristol fresh joining for the last leg too.

Exeter Fives is one of the more ridiculous uni traditions out there.

All the freshers at the club play Fives over the course of a night, with the loser journeying to the other end of the UK.

Harry Goodrich, last year's loser

Harry Goodrich, last year’s loser

Dan Ladd came up last term from Exeter, and Harry Goodrich from Edinburgh went south this time last year.

The tradition has turned into a hockey club love-in across the country in the last couple of years, with the loser showered with gifts at every train stop with a major uni hockey club.

Bristol even kidnapped Exeter fresher Jack Banister a couple of years back.

But this year, it’s already gone horribly wrong for a couple of the freshers.

To further up the ante, there’s photo challenges for the Edinburgh freshers this year too:

So much stash will be exchanged over the course of the trip that Tie Club have provided ties especially for it.

The schedule is pretty punishing.

The long way down...

The long way down…

The freshers get into Exeter at 6.41pm.