Stop judging me because I’m a Scouser

We were the second city of the Empire, bitch

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After a trip to Liverpool recently, Jeremy Clarkson said: “People up there earn less, die more quickly, have fewer jobs and live in houses that are worth the square root of sod all.”


We’re all fully aware of the stereotype of the unemployed, north face wearing, Scouse brow-channeling, loud-mouthed, Ross-Kemp-on-Gangs, Liverpudlian.

And you’d struggle to find anyone from Liverpool who hasn’t been judged because of their accent, or hasn’t had someone make a comment when they told them where they were from.


Definitely stole that prefect badge off someone

Once at a uni interview a young man insisted I didn’t know how to play the board game Risk because I was a “Scouser”.

And recently, a Tesco delivery man asked me what I was studying. When I told him History and Politics he laughed and told me: “I didn’t know Liverpool knew about History and Politics.”

We were the second city of Empire, bitch.


The Liver Birds are judging you

Don’t believe me? Here’s some of the stuff other Scouse students have had to put up with.

Bethan Wotton, second year, French and English Literature


We dress better than you

“I was told I was from the stabbing capital of Europe and I’ve had people warn me not to steal their stuff because I’m a Scouser.”

Lucy Fletcher, second year, French


Neither am I

“My flat mate said she’s scared my accent is rubbing off on her because then she won’t get a job.

“One time some guy kicked off at me outside Sneaky Pete’s saying he could tell by my accent and the way I dress that I’m a ‘stupid little airhead Scouser’.”

Christen Titherington-Bragg, first year, French and German


So distraught about the whole situation

“I cannot escape people repeating words I say or attempting a scouse accent everywhere I go and I can’t help but feel like I’m being judged when I speak in tutorials when really there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”


The largest cathedral in the UK plus Tracey Emin because we’re edgy as fuck

As the cultural epicenter of the North, besides the fact we basically invented pop music, artists from Liverpool have had more number one songs than from any other city.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Zutons, Elvis Costello, and not forgetting the band who changed the face of music forever: The Beatles Atomic Kitten and the rest all originated from our city.

And it’s not just music. We have a fashion scene as crazy as the shit people wear in the Capitol of the Hunger Games and we’re constantly filmed for scenes in movies such as The Dark Knight, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and The Hunt for Red October.


Tell me how Oasis are your favourite band

But the most important aspect of the city is undoubtedly the people.

As a species Scousers are loyal, fierce, hilarious, artsy, bullshit-detecting, friendly, ambitious, down to earth and chill as fuck.

We witnessed the decline of our city in the seventies, the unemployment and riots of the eighties, the 1989 Hillsborough disaster and yet we’re stronger than ever – and the second safest city in the UK (we don’t want your hub caps).

So next time you meet someone with a Scouse twang, maybe think twice before you try and put us down. Instead, in the words of the messiah, i.e. John Lennon, “give peace a chance”.