We asked you what colour that dress really was

Oddest media craze ever


If you haven’t seen the furore over what colour this dress is, get out of the hole you’re living in. 

White and gold dress

Is it white and gold or blue and black? Twitter and Facebook have exploded with people arguing over this simple question, so we asked you what you thought.

Murray, fourth year, Politics

It's obvious isn't it?

It’s obvious isn’t it?

“White and gold.”

Rebecca, first year, Law

Depends on the lighting.

Depends on the lighting

“Blue and black.”

Filbert, first year, Law

Well, he does wear glasses.

He should have gone to Specsavers

“Blue and black.”

Oli, fourth year, Economics


How is it possibly anything else?

“White and gold.”

Rachel, first year, Geography

She should know, she does a degree in colouring in.

She should know, she does a degree in colouring in

“White and gold.”

Emily, second year, History



“White and gold.”

Tiernan, fourth year, Politics

There's a pattern emerging here.

There’s a pattern emerging here

“White and gold.”

Lucy, first year, Law

She's gone rogue!

She’s gone rogue

“I can’t make my mind up.”

“It’s in between the two, so blue and khaki.”

Ibrahim, first year, Accounting and Finance



“Don’t care.”

I think Ibrahim speaks for us all.