I met Armando Ianucci in Bedlam

I told him I wanted to sue him

I’m a Politics geek. There. I said it. There’s nothing which gets me going quite like a political TV show.

So when, during an average Tuesday afternoon rehearsal for ‘The Judas Kiss’, I bumped into the GOD of political satire, Armando Ianucci, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

The creator of hit TV series like “The Thick of It”, “Veep” and “I’m Alan Partridge” was using the university space to film an interview for the BBC with poet, Kate Tempest.

When filming was finished, the esteemed comedian popped into our rehearsal space and asked how it was going.

After a few minutes of unsuccessfully playing it cool, I thought the moment had arrived. I said: “Armando, I should really sue you.”

He looked confused.

“My exam results would have been much higher had I not been introduced to Veep.”

Silence. There I was trying to be funny to the king of funny – the supreme overlord of humour, the sultan of satire.

After a few awkward moments he said: “This isn’t America, mate.”

As his creation, Alan Partridge, would have put it: GREAT BANTER.