We asked what you’re giving up for Lent

‘Being slutty’

After stuffing your face with pancakes last week, you probably forgot Shrove Tuesday actually signalled the start of Lent.

You know, when you’re supposed to give something up until Easter.

We asked you what, if anything you had given up.

Gavin, second year, Economics

Jesus would be proud

Jesus would be proud

“Hair products.”

Ruth, second year, Civil Engineering

No carbs before .... er Easter

No carbs before …. er Easter


Gwladys, second year, Spanish

She'd probably be more committed than you anyway

She’d probably be more committed than you anyway

“I’m an atheist so I have never given up anything for Lent before.”

Ruth, second year, History and Spanish

Cannot wait for Easter

Cannot wait for Easter


En, second year, French and Spanish

She's smiling because she hasn't given up

She’s smiling because she hasn’t given up


Poppy, second year, Geography and Politics


Typical student

Typical student

“9am lectures.”

Els, first year, Economics

How pious

How pious

“Men under 30/being slutty.”

And if you’re struggling with your fasting, just think you’re probably beating this person.


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