BNOC Of The Year: Nominations now open

Who’s the biggest name around?

We want your nominations for BNOC of the year. 

That’s Big Name on Campus, for those of you who don’t know.

Send them into [email protected]

An email with a little blurb about the person you want to nominate would be useful, and a suitably embarrassing photo if you have one would be wonderful.

Last year’s winner was Jordan, the Library Cat, and since we want to give a real human a chance this year, he’s been disqualified from the nominations.

He's not happy about it.

He’s not happy about it

Last year’s nominees are still available so if you’re still convinced no one goes harder than Xan Wood, or that Daniel Swain is still ruling the media roost, let us know.

You can nominate anyone, even if it’s just for being good chat, having a good body, or having more than five mates.

Here’s last year’s helpful guidelines in case you’re confused:

• The person who can’t walk into the library without having to stop and talk to half the lobby.

• The person you see at every club night and then shows up bright and breezy to their 9am the next day.

• Star of a sports team who also has time to help the homeless and sit on the committee for a bunch of societies.

• The person you see everywhere and don’t know why you recognise them at the time but later realise it is because they are constantly in photos on your newsfeed and you have Facebook stalked them more than once.

Let the games begin.