Everyone in the gym is exactly the same

Accept your stereotype

Are you there to lift?



Or maybe you shouldn’t even be there.

There’s a wide variety of you hanging out in the gym and you’re all easy to read.



do you even lift?

As they head towards the vault, they watch heads turn, its not just what weights they lift, its what they look like when they are doing it.

They’ve got cracking bods – they know it and want you to too.

Boys get out your short shorts- people need to see that bulge.

Girls get out your sports bras.


it must be love

it must be love

You’re so in love that you can’t be away from each other long enough to let the other go to the gym alone.

Whether you’re running beside each other or lunging side by side- you’re there as a team.

Nothing, not even excessive sweat, can stop you.

Because couples who gym together, stay together.

Team Playaz

we love team games

we love team games

What’s a great way for members of sports teams to spend even more time together?


Fully kitted out in green, you can spot them a mile off.

Regularly loud and obnoxious because you know they are probably headed to a social or the pub straight after.

Average Joe


no breath left, ever

There are people in the gym who are actually just there to “get a bit of exercise.”

They don’t look particularly attractive and they quite rightfully don’t care.

Their outfits don’t show off their bum cheeks and they are usually wearing something that could also be worn to bed.

They’re always successfully red and sweaty and here just there to simply keep up their New Years resolution or stay in shape.

Those who don’t belong

who wears trainers to the gym?

who wears trainers to the gym?

It doesn’t happen often but about once a week someone enters the gym who clearly has no idea what they are getting themselves into.

They never wear anything remotely sporty because who needs trainers?

They get on the treadmill and sweat aggressively through their chinos.

And they don’t even question the fact that everyones looking at them funny.

But maybe they are just practical and get straight off the machine and back to class- it’s dedication really.