Chancers: Chancellor’s Court residents threatened with police after drugs warning

Expect ‘a friendly chat, search and arrest’

chancellors chancellors court drugs pollock halls

Their parents might be lawyers, but this won’t save the residents of Chancellor’s Court from the warden, John Kelly, and his strict new no-drugs-allowed policy.

After numerous complaints from residents of Crags – which consists of Block B and C – of illegal substances being smoked in the rooms and pantries of the halls of residence, the wardens have decided to get the police involved in their drug use crack-down.

He has warned that anybody caught smoking cannabis will receive a “friendly chat, search and arrest” from the local police officer.

And the university records of any student caught will be permanently marked with the report of the incident.

One can only assume that the “friendly chat and arrest” would involve the asking of the very similar questions – “Hi, how are you?” and “How high are you?”

In the meantime, you know who you are and so does John Kelly.