Sociology lecturer breaks into a dance mid lecture

You know a subject’s a joke when the lecturer starts dancing

Sociology has an unfair rep.

It often gets called a ‘soft subject’, which is totally unfair.

Yesterday’s lecture on the female body left many men in the room talking about how hard it was.

But it’s reputation was threatened to be tarnished on Friday afternoon when a lecturer broken out into song and dance during a game of pass the parcel.

As a sheet with sociological quotes was passed around the George Square lecture theatre, eventually falling into the hands of 3 lucky individuals who got to read out the quotes, the jolly lecturer performed the Gay Gordon along the front of the room.

Here’s some St Andrews students demonstrating the full reel.

There was a palpable sense of bemusement in the lecture theatre. Some students laughed, others eagerly Snapchatted the events and a fair few cringed.

Most agreed that the lecturer deserved some credit for trying to liven up an often dry and heavy subject.

Top Marx for effort, lecturer.