Gym style

If you’re going to sweat at least look fabulous while you’re doing it

New Year’s resolutions my arse – you just went to show off your new clothes.

Those annoying do-gooders who insist upon letting everyone know all about their new healthy eating plan and daily gym visits simply refuse to go for a quiet jog down the street.

Instead, Edinburgh’s very own CSE transforms into a catwalk of energised and well dressed students, leaving the rest of us to wallow in our self-hatred and laziness.

Lizzie – third year Philosophy

Lizzie, still recovering from the cheese and bread filled EUSSC trip hits the gym in some pretty bold clothes.

Helena – first year Economics and Politics

Lisa – fourth year Languages and Inter-Cultural Communications

Amongst the Edinburgh students, it seems Napier have managed to infiltrate our layer with a spy called Lisa. But she was nice so we’ll let her off this time.

Lynne Pearson, CSE Personal Trainer

She may have her eyes shut, but she can still dress better than the rest of us.

Then there’s this guy…

This joker knows that it’s not just threads that get you ladies. He catches people’s attention by reading the paper on a cycling machine. Swag.