Poor Ladd: Exeter hockey fresher ends up in Edinburgh

He’s fucking sick of being on a train

Exeter fresher Dan Ladd lost the club’s yearly game of ‘Edinburgh Fives’ – and had to do a 14 hour round trip to Edinburgh by himself.

The the infamous game is so the loser can make the long trip to say hello to Edinburgh Uni’s Men’s Hockey Club – the other EUMH.

This year’s loser was Dan Ladd, from the southern EUMHC’s 2nd team.

He was seen off by Exeter’s finest at 6.40am.

We promised Irn-Bru:

He got into Edinburgh at around 2, and Irn-Bru he did receive.

He was given some gifts by an Edinburgh welcoming committee:

And we got him in a Tab t-shirt for good measure:

We caught up with him for a chat too:

Favourite colour? “Green, obviously.”

Favourite celebrity? “David Beckham.”

100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck? “1 horse-sized duck.”

Which stop are you most looking forward to on the way back?

“Birmingham Uni, I really want the stash!”

And the question we all want the answer too:

Exeter or Edinburgh? “Umm, I’ll have to go Edinburgh won’t I!”

And then he was back off down to Exeter.

Although there is serious doubt if he’ll get there without a few friendly hellos, more alcohol and a possible kidnapping.

Everyone’s looking at you, Bristol Uni.

St Paul’s:


Both the Sheffield Unis:




Possibly Newcastle:

Possibly Nottingham too?


Last year they kidnapped Jack Bannister for the night.

Will it happen again?