Kim Kardashian should be Edinburgh’s next Rector because of this important photoshoot she did

She’s been called ‘the feminist icon of our time’

Nominations for the Rectorship of Edinburgh university are now open again.

After Glasgow elected Edward Snowden as their rector, the pressure is on for a high-level name.

And what better name than Kim Kardashian, who hit the headlines again with this photoshoot for Paper Magazine.

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You can read the whole article at Paper Mag

Failing that, with Glasgow going for international glamour and St Andrews going for Catherine Stihler (yeah, us neither), who should Edinburgh elect?

And here are some other predicted nominations:

Ed Miliband

Who wouldn't want this sexy beast as our Rector?

Who wouldn’t want this sexy beast as our Rector?

We’ve already had one failure of a Labour Prime Minister, so why not go one better and elect someone who never will be PM?

Kirsty Haigh

EUSA and FemSoc's big Kay-Hay.

EUSA and FemSoc’s big Kay-Hay.

Edinburgh’s fond of its social justice warriors, and no-one embodies that better than Kirsty Haigh, although her recent run-in with FemSoc may have burst her bubble.

But since we’ve only ever had one female Rector, Kirsty is probably already all over this. Expect her nomination immediately.

Daniel Ellsberg

'You weren't there, man.' (Slowking)

‘You weren’t there, man.’ (Slowking)

Glasgow’s got Ed Snowden, and Edinburgh’s full of hipsters. So what? Get the original whistleblower. Blew the lid on the Vietnam War so we know he’s a good commie. But at 83, he is getting on a bit.


He came from the bottom. Now he's here. What are you going to do?

He came from the bottom. Now he’s here. What are you going to do? (Brennan Schnell)

Young, dynamic, determined. Everyone likes the sound of that. Drake went back for his High School diploma too, so we know he likes education.

And how can you resist his sensitivity? If nothing else, you’d know he cares.

Kelly Rowland

She's probably never been to Scotland, but do you care?

She’s probably never been to Scotland, but do you care? (Eva Rinaldi)

Ok, so we didn’t get Beyoncé as Chancellor last year. But we can get the next best Destiny’s Child on board. Everyone loves her already – Dilemma being the best song of the century.

Plus we know she already loves the UK after her X Factor stint.

Prince George

No idea what is going on in this photo.

No idea what is going on in this photo.

We already have one fucking useless member of the Royal Family on our staff, so what would one more change?

Plus he’s a baby, so he can’t say or do anything stupid to embarrass Edinburgh.

Who would you nominate as our Rector?