Edinburgh’s fittest tutor revealed

The results are in

After exhaustive polling, our winner is….

Ines Sofia de Oliveira

Officially Edinburgh's fittest tutor!

Officially Edinburgh’s fittest tutor!

She destroyed the competition with a whopping 20% of the vote, with her nearest rival, Alexis Grohmann, trailing with 17% of the vote.

Politics and IR students voted en masse to ensure that Edinburgh’s prettiest tutor got the title she deserved.

And with such educational talent, it’s no surprise to see students switching degrees just to spend more time with her.

But other departments are clearly spoiled for choice. One English student said: “Oh my god, she’s so vanilla.”

And another added: “If she was a character in a romantic comedy she wouldn’t be the love interest, she wouldn’t even be the best friend. She would be the girl in the background in the club when the two characters meet for the first time.”