Students strip off for charity run

Raising money has never been so sexy

Students have organised ‘Undie Runs’ across Edinburgh to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The Meadows will host one on the 24th of October, and QMU will host another on the 29th.

The run is only a few kilometres long, so no-one’s bits are going to fall off, and even the least fit of us will be able to complete it.

Hopefully it won't be this chilly...

Hopefully it won’t be this chilly…

Edinburgh student Tasha Kleeman organised the run. She said: “It’s a new initiative set up by Stand Up To Cancer, and is happening in 32 universities across the country.

“The run is going to take place around the Meadows, starting and ending at Middle Meadow Walk. It’s not long (about 3.5k), and promises to be a lot of fun!

“For those daunted by the prospect of running in underwear, it can be taken as more of an underwear theme. You’re welcome to wear them over your clothes, for example.

“The colour for Stand Up To Cancer is orange, so bring out the orange face paint, wigs, sports bras and boxers.

“The more outrageous the better (but maybe keep the underwear on).”

Think this but colder.

Organisers are hoping that over 100 students will run.

This is the first UK event of its kind and Cancer Research UK are hoping to raise as much as £150,000  from events across the country.

Edinburgh and QMU are predicted to raise £10,000 just by themselves, which isn’t shabby for a glorified underwear contest.

But then again, it's not going to be this nice either.

…But then again, it’s not going to be this nice either.

Registration can be done here, and includes a £5 donation to charity. It also automatically sets up a Just Giving account too, so your friends and family can donate without having to show up in their skivvies too.

There is also a Facebook event.

It’s all part of the Stand Up To Cancer campaign that the charity is running nationwide this year, including a night of TV on the 17th amid other events.

Enough said, it’s time to get nearly naked!