It’s that time again: hockey fresher set to embark on 16 hour round-trip to Exeter in fives forfeit

It’s time for fives!


It’s that time of year again. There and back again, Edinburgh to Exeter. Edinburgh Uni Men’s Hockey Club is sending a diplomatic envoy to the other EUMHC, Exeter Uni. The tradition returns in 2014 after a stellar end to last year, thanks to Exeter Uni’s Jack Banister and hockey clubs around the country.

Year-old tickets never looked so exciting.

Year-old tickets never looked so exciting.

Exeter sent their own in December last year, sparking a love-in from hockey clubs across the country. Jack Banister lost Edinburgh Fives, and on his return from Edinburgh, was met by representatives from Durham Uni HC, Birmingham Uni HC, and ultimately kidnapped by Bristol Uni HC for a night out.

Jack Banister with Edinburgh's Scott Duncan and Tom Fishley. (Photobomb courtesy of Jazim Sohail)

Jack Banister with Edinburgh’s Scott Duncan and Tom Fishley. (Photobomb courtesy of Jazim Sohail)

On Wednesday night, a club-wide game of fives will be played during the ‘EUHC’s Got Talent’ social, deciding which male fresher will take the trip.

Tom Fishley, Edinburgh UMHC’s Social Sec, said:”Everyone at EUMHC is looking forward to carrying on a tradition that looks like it will last for many years to come. It was great to see some other clubs from the hockey family across the country get involved last leg and perhaps this trip even more will join in – there are a lot of train stations between Edinburgh and Exeter!”

The tickets have been booked

The tickets have been booked…

The unfortunate fresher will leave Edinburgh on the 7.07, and won’t return until 23.03 that night. Of course, that depends on nothing happening to him in between.

The tradition has been getting more coverage, with the last Edinburgh Fives being picked up by The Independent, amongst others. The Tab will be there on Wednesday night, and will be live-blogging the trip on Thursday too.